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We Fix Feet Job Vacancies
Podiatrist Job Vacancies
By We Fix Feet May 1, 2017

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Job Vacancies – HCPC Registered Podiatrists – 2 Positions Available The opportunity has arisen for 2 HCPC Registered Podiatrists who are full of energy and enthusiasm, to join our friendly team who operate within the busy, newly refurbished private practice clinics of We Fix Feet. The vacancies are offered to Degree qualified Podiatrists with LA & POMS. The posts

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person holding ankle in pain

Ankle pain can cause constraints on both sports and daily activities.  Ankle pain can be caused by a wide range of problems.  The more common problem is due to ankle instability.  The ankle, as with most joints in the body is stabilized and held in place by countless soft tissues, which include ligaments and tendons.

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Are Shin Splints affecting your sporting activities?  Follow these treatment tips to help relieve pain, reduce recurrence and gain the most out of your sporting sporting activities… Shin Splints are a debilitating injury and if you have them, the only thing you are probably thinking is “What can I do to help the pain?” Shin Splints are a

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Achilles Tendon Pain Prevention and Recovery
By We Fix Feet

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Whether you’re a professional athlete, keen runner or just out for that weekend run or ride, it’s important that your lower limbs – legs and feet, are conditioned prior to any physical activity. PREPARATION Stretching and warm-up are essential to avoid any foot pain or injuries such as Achilles tendon problems. The Achilles tendon connects

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Kery Gillott MPSPract
Kerry Gillott joins the team
By We Fix Feet February 2, 2017

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Kerry Gillott CFCP MPSPract, joins the clinical team at “We Fix Feet” Sheffield as a Registered Foot Health Practitioner, after previously working within her home city of Sheffield. Kerry brings with her experience in Foot Healthcare, having graduated in early 2016 with a Diploma in Foot Health Care and Practice.  With her knowledge and skill, Kerry will attend to

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Footsteps in the sand
250 Million Foot Steps
By We Fix Feet February 1, 2017


Your feet will take more than 250 million steps in the average lifetime, so they need to be looked after.  That’s why at We Fix Feet, we fix feet! There are many reasons why you may have problems with your feet, ranging from simple changes that happen as we get older, to more complex issues that relate

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