“…the treatment I received was first class and probably the best ever.  Very informative and explained a lot of the treatment.  Thank you.” –

Mrs L, Sheffield  (email: 11-July-2017)


“Superb. Experts. I was expecting to have to arrange several visits for my problem, but they sorted it out in one visit.  Thank you.” –

Mr M, Sheffield


“It was like I was walking on air afterwards. My feet are always well looked after.” –

Mrs B, Ilkeston


“Great service and gentle with my sore feet. Sorted out my ingrowing nail and advised me on what I should do to stop it happening again. Well worth the visit to sort out my problem, plus I got all my hard skin removed and advice on how to look after my feet. I’ve rebooked for another appointment in 8 weeks for a check-up.” –

Mr G, Beeston


“They always do a great job with my feet.”

Mr B, Ilkeston


“I’ve been coming here for years and I’m highly satisfied – thank you.”

Mrs P, Sheffield


“As usual very professional. Chiropodists are very friendly. I always leave with a spring in my step”

Ms O, Beeston


“…the Chiropodist was great. The first time I went, she sorted out my feet – dealing with my corns painlessly after listening to my problems and discussing the treatment. I’ve since been back and now have some orthotic insoles to support the arches of my feet, which helped reduce the hard skin build-up and my feet no longer ache!”

Mr D, Sheffield



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