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Orthotic Insoles: Five Myths Busted!

Orthotic Insoles - Myth Busting

Think orthotic insoles are just for Grandma? Orthotic insoles have had somewhat of a bad reputation. So, we’ve decided to debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions out there! Orthotics insoles are basically a slimline medical brace that’s discretely inserted into your shoe to support and improve foot function. Orthotic insoles are helpful for…

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Fungal Nail Infection – Onychomycosis

fungal nail infection

Fungal nail infections, or “Onychomycosis” can infect up to 8% of the general population. It can affect anyone. Risk of infection increases by 30% if you are an adult, rather than a child. Up to 90% of people over 70 years of age suffer with Onychomycosis, the medical term for Fungal Nail Infection. Fungal Nail…

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Sanitize your footwear with Klenz®

You can now Klenz® your footwear, sanitizing and deodorizing in only 8 minutes at We Fix Feet Chiropody, Podiatry and Foot Healthcare clinics! Using Silver Nano-technology, Klenz® breaks down and eliminates bacteria and odours in your footwear, socks and hosiery! Athlete’s Foot infection affects 1 in 7 adults and your footwear is the perfect environment for the…

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Repair Cracked Heels with Flexitol Heel Balm

cracked heels

Rough, Dry, Cracked Heels? Repair Cracked Heels with Flexitol Heel Balm With Summer soon fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your feet and especially your heels are cared for before you want to show off your feet in sandals! Fissures, or cracks in the skin on the feet not only look unsightly, but…

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PACT Fast Effective Treatment for Fungal Toe Nails

treatment for fungal toe nails

The new, safe and effective way to treat Fungal Nail Infection (Onychomycosis). PACT is an abbreviation and scientific term that stands for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy.  This treatment has been used effectively in medicine since the 1990’s for the treatment of tumours, skin diseases and wound infections. The fungal cells, unlike human cells possess a cell wall. This cell wall is…

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