We’re recruiting: Podiatrists

Job vacancy for Podiatrist image

We have a fantastic opportunity for an amazing Podiatrist to join our amazing team. Vacancy 1: This is a full time, or 2x part time (job share), employed position, based in the City Centre of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Vacancy 2: This is a full time, or 2x part time (job share) employed position, based at…

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Orthotic Insoles: Five Myths Busted!

Orthotic Insoles - Myth Busting

Think orthotic insoles are just for Grandma? Orthotic insoles have had somewhat of a bad reputation. So, we’ve decided to debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions out there! Orthotics insoles are basically a slimline medical brace that’s discretely inserted into your shoe to support and improve foot function. Orthotic insoles are helpful for…

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Can Weight affect my Feet?

overweight person holding weighing scales - question "Could being overweight affect my feet"

Can weight affect my Feet? The health risks of excess weight and obesity feature frequently in the news. One aspect not often reported on is the effect they can have on your feet. In fact, excess weight contributes to a myriad of foot problems routinely seen by our footcare professionals. So yes, unfortunately, being overweight…

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Cold toes or fingers? Could it be Raynaud’s?

Cold toes - Raynaud's

February is Raynaud’s Awareness month Symptoms of Raynaud’s Cold fingers and toes? Colour changes in your skin in response to changes in temperature or stress? Colour changes from white, to blue/purple and then red? Numbness, tingling or pain in the affected area? Stinging or throbbing pain upon warming or stress relief Millions of people suffer…

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Great Tips for Buying the Right Sports Shoes

Choosing the right sports shoe image

Buy footwear designed for the activity you want to do.  Running shoes are very flexible, allowing the foot to bend and flex through each step, they have increased shock absorption for when the heel strikes the ground and are designed for forward motion.  Sports such as tennis, basketball and aerobics involve sideways stepping, and require…

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Joanne Stenton joins the We Fix Feet team

Joanne Stenton headshot

We welcome Joanne Stenton to our busy Sheffield clinic as a key member of the We Fix Feet Team. Joanne is a Yorkshire lass and is looking forward to meeting patients and customers at our Union Street, Sheffield city centre clinic.    Ensuring you are comfortable and well cared for when you visit us are…

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Winter Feet Looked After a Treat!

Winter Feet

Brrrr… It’s Cold! Autumn/Winter is upon us!   So, anyone who hasn’t enjoyed exposing your feet through summer can get super excited in the knowledge that you can hide your feet back in your boots and wellies!  With the weather change and temperature drop, it’s so important to look after your feet and maintain good foot…

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National Diabetes Month

National Diabetes Month

Diabetes is one of the most stressful and serious chronic diseases a person can face.  Its prevalence continues to grow throughout the the world.  Today, tens of millions of people live with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes . Type 2 Non-Insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) is the most common form of diabetes. Commonly…

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Ten Tips to Treat Your Feet Right on Halloween Night

treat your feet right this halloween

10 Tips to Treat Your Feet Right on Halloween Night Halloween night has enough frights as it is, with ghouls and goblins patrolling the street in search of sweets.  Don’t add horrors like plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, and ball of foot pain to the list. Here are 10 Top Tips on how to treat your feet…

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World Psoriasis Day – 29th October

World Psoriasis Day 2018

Today is World Psoriasis Day.  With so many people affected worldwide by psoriasis, we thought we would post some advice on what you can do and what is available to treat it. Anyone who has psoriasis of the feet or hands can easily trigger psoriasis symptoms with easy injury, as the areas of the hands and…

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