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Hikers wearing walking boots on rugged terrain
How does walking affect your feet?
By We Fix Feet 24th April 2017

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In an average lifetime it is estimated that we walk about 100,000 miles. So, “how does walking affect your feet?”  Walking helps the ligaments, tendons and muscles in our feet to work more efficiently and helps maintain suppleness and flexibility.  Walking at a brisk pace for regular exercise helps condition your body and improves overall

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person holding ankle in pain

Ankle pain can cause constraints on both sports and daily activities.  Ankle pain can be caused by a wide range of problems.  The more common problem is due to ankle instability.  The ankle, as with most joints in the body is stabilized and held in place by countless soft tissues, which include ligaments and tendons.

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10 tips for buying back-to-school shoes
10 Tips for buying Back to School shoes
By We Fix Feet 3rd February 2017

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10 Tips for buying Back to School shoes In the back-to-school rush, shoe shops will be heaving with parents and children intent on buying back-to-school shoes. Yet many school children are wearing shoes that are too small, despite the risk of deformity and injury associated with ill-fitting shoes. Before parents splash out on expensive school

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Choosing sports shoes
Tips for Choosing Trainers & Sports Shoes
By We Fix Feet 23rd January 2017

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Choose shoes for the specific sporting activity intended and above all, ensure they are a good fit for your feet.  Have them fitted – try them on and ensure your feet are comfortable in them.  Don’t rely on the guide size printed on the box! Running Shoes Running shoes are designed for running and shouldn’t

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Top Tips for Healthy Winter Feet
By We Fix Feet 20th January 2017

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We are all concerned how our feet look during the summer months when we pull out the flip flops and sandals to put our feet on display.  However, when winter comes, we tuck our feet into thick socks and boots and hide them away.  Regular foot care during winter is often the last thing on our minds.

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image of trainer for Klenz your footwear
Sanitize your footwear with Klenz®
By We Fix Feet

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  You can now Klenz® your footwear, sanitizing and deodorizing in only 8 minutes at We Fix Feet Chiropody, Podiatry and Foot Healthcare clinics! Using Silver Nano-technology, Klenz® breaks down and eliminates bacteria and odours in your footwear, socks and hosiery! Athlete’s Foot infection affects 1 in 7 adults and your footwear is the perfect environment

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