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Meet Our Team at We Fix Feet

We'd like you to meet our team of talented Podiatrists, Foot Care professionals and Clinical Receptionists below who support you at We Fix Feet Limited.

Our team are devoted and highly qualified professionals.  As such, they're dedicated to improving your quality of life and maintaining your mobility - pain free.  Because they infuse themselves in their job with dignity, pride and satisfaction, they are your key to success.  Therefore, when you meet our team, each member will make you feel like you belong from the moment you walk through our doors.  In summary, their commitment to you and their ongoing skills and knowledge deliver the best possible patient care at our clinics:   Beeston, Ilkeston and Sheffield.


Karen Prentice, Clinical Receptionist at We Fix Feet Limited
Helen Parkin, Clinical Receptionist at We Fix Feet Limited
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Meet our team - Kerry Gillott, Foot Care professional at We Fix Feet Limited
Kal Kaur
Meet our team - Darren Bloore, Registered Foot Health Practitioner at We Fix Feet Limited