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Treatment Tips for Shin Splints
By We Fix Feet 4th February 2017

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Are Shin Splints affecting your sporting activities?  Follow these treatment tips to help relieve pain, reduce recurrence and gain the most out of your sporting sporting activities… Shin Splints are a debilitating injury and if you have them, the only thing you are probably thinking is “What can I do to help the pain?” Shin Splints are a

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New Year Resolution Runner’s Injury Pains
By We Fix Feet 19th January 2017

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Is one of your New Year Resolutions to start running, lose weight and get fit?  Are you active runner?  or friend of a runner?    If so, then read-on! To a non runner, the very idea of pounding pavements for hours on end in driving rain, winds, freezing temperatures and darkness sounds ridiculous.  However, more

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