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10 tips for buying back-to-school shoes
10 Tips for buying Back to School shoes
By We Fix Feet 3rd February 2017

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10 Tips for buying Back to School shoes In the back-to-school rush, shoe shops will be heaving with parents and children intent on buying back-to-school shoes. Yet many school children are wearing shoes that are too small, despite the risk of deformity and injury associated with ill-fitting shoes. Before parents splash out on expensive school

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Kery Gillott MPSPract
Kerry Gillott joins the team
By We Fix Feet 2nd February 2017

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Kerry Gillott CFCP MPSPract, joins the clinical team at “We Fix Feet” Sheffield as a Registered Foot Health Practitioner, after previously working within her home city of Sheffield. Kerry brings with her experience in Foot Healthcare, having graduated in early 2016 with a Diploma in Foot Health Care and Practice.  With her knowledge and skill, Kerry will attend to

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Footsteps in the sand
250 Million Foot Steps
By We Fix Feet 1st February 2017


Your feet will take more than 250 million steps in the average lifetime, so they need to be looked after.  That’s why at We Fix Feet, we fix feet! There are many reasons why you may have problems with your feet, ranging from simple changes that happen as we get older, to more complex issues that relate

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foot arch image
New Year Resolution Runner’s Injury Pains
By We Fix Feet 19th January 2017

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Is one of your New Year Resolutions to start running, lose weight and get fit?  Are you active runner?  or friend of a runner?    If so, then read-on! To a non runner, the very idea of pounding pavements for hours on end in driving rain, winds, freezing temperatures and darkness sounds ridiculous.  However, more

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