Corns and Calluses Treatment

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Corns and Calluses on the feet can become painful if they untreated.  These thickened, hard and dead layers of skin are caused by excessive pressure or friction on the skin from poorly fitted shoes.


A callus is more a diffused thickening of the skin, whereas a corn is a thicker and more focused area.   Corns are often cone shaped, and can be deep into the skin.  Corns are usually hard, but those that are found between the toes can be kept soft by the moisture here.


A Foot Health Professional will be able to pare away the corns and calluses and can advise you on footwear, shoes insoles and padding to prevent recurrences.


Self-treatment in the form of medicated corn pads and callus knife is NOT RECOMMENDED, as injury in the form of cuts and wounds can occur if not used correctly.  Medicated corn pads can contain acid, which can cause damage to healthy skin and can be the cause for skin breakdown and infection.


Anyone with diabetes, should not self-treat, but must seek advice and professional Diabetic Foot Care treatment.


Corns and calluses are generally not considered a serious problem, but they can be extremely painful.  If left untreated this pain can increase and may lead to development of an ulcer, followed by infection.


There is no need to accept pain from corns and callus as the norm.  In most cases corns and callus can be removed and often prevented from recurring by seeking advice and professional treatment from our Chiropodists, Podiatrists or Foot Health Practitioners.

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