LLLT/PBM Treatment for Verruca and Fungal Nail Infection

Verruca Treatment with LLLT/PBM

Verruca is a complex treatment case but it can respond very well to Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), otherwise known as PhotoBioModulation (PBM) therapy.  In terms of effectiveness, it is no less effective overall than any caustic forms of treatment.  However, it has a number of advantages over caustic treatments (burning and destroying bodily tissue through strong acids) and no symptomatic disadvantages.  It can also be beneficially used in conjunction with Cryosurgery Verruca Treatment.

Not only is the treatment pain-free but LLLT/PBM actually delivers pain relief, is non-invasive and is without unpleasant side effects, making it particularly well received by patients.  There is never tissue damage or scarring with LLLT/PBM.

Fungal Nail Treatment with LLLT/PBMThor Laser - LLLT PBMT

Fungal nail infections are becoming increasingly common, affecting up to one in ten of the UK population. Fungal nail infections can be unsightly and embarrassing and, until now, fungus has been VERY difficult to treat.  LLLT/PBM can be an effective treatment for fungal nail infection and can be used in conjunction with Toenail Reconstruction techniques to aesthetically restore fungal infected and thickened, discoloured nails.

We prepare the nails painlessly by reducing their thickness with a tungsten carbide podiatry burr.  This usually removes much of the discoloured or flaking mycotic infected nail leaving you with a much improved visual appearance.

As the fungus is contained within the nail complex, the laser beam is able to target these fungal cells directly without the risks involved of taking oral medication, which have been associated with severe adverse events.  We currently use both Thor and Omega Class 3B Low Level Lasers (cold lasers) and PBM LED clusters, as these have no detrimental effect on healthy skin or nail and require no anaesthetic.  Class 3B cold lasers are not surgical or ablative (Class 4) Nd:YAG lasers such as those used for surgery, tattoo or hair removal and therefore they do not burn or damage healthy tissue.  Therefore, there is no pain or burning of skin or nail, so there is no recovery period or detrimental effect on activity after treatment.

What to expect at the LLLT/PBM Treatment for Fungal Nail Infection

You will first have a consultation where the presence of nail fungus will be established.  The symptoms, signs and progression is then discussed, together with any treatment options.  Your nail is thinned and tidied to remove any thickening and mycotic fungal debris. Photographs are taken for comparative purposes and monitoring of your results.

Preventative advice is given and your footwear will be sanitised using the silver nano-technology of our Klenz machine.

The number of LLLT/PBM treatments required will depend upon the specific condition presented.   Contact us to book your appointment , to discuss how Low Level Laser/Photobiomodulation Therapy could help you.

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