Online Consultation offers a convenient and secure 1-2-1 Podiatry consultation service for foot health conditions that can be treated with advice or online in the comfort of your own home, whilst you're at the office or while you're staying at a hotel. If you have any lower limb concerns or need advice from one of our UK based HCPC Registered Podiatrists, through our Online Consultation portal, you will be able to receive advice, immediate injury management and guidance and if an in-clinic appointment is required.

How our service works

1. Choose your preferred date from the online booking system
2. Fill out a short form, detailing your condition
3. Receive advice and information from one of our Podiatry team members

Our Online Consultation is easy to arrange and offers a convenient and cost effective alternative to you visiting a Podiatrist in the clinic away from your busy schedule, or from your current remote business or holiday destination.

Appointments can be booked quickly via our online booking system. As an online patient, your details and payment for the consultation are taken at the time of booking, together with your contact information for making the telephone or video conference call.

All of our Podiatry team members are based in the UK and our Podiatrists are registered with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC).

We operate to the highest standards of care and are ready to assist you in a private and 100% discrete and confidential way.

During your Online Consultation appointment, you will have 1-2-1 expert opinion with video access, providing your Podiatrist with visual assessment of your conditions. You will be able to talk face to face with your Podiatrist via our online portal. Together we can formulate a diagnosis, treatment plan and provide recommendations for products or medicines which will help treat your condition.

Information provided via Online Consultation is dispensed in good faith and to the best of the clinicians ability. No physical examination is possible via Online Consultation, therefore if you are still concerned following your consultation you should arrange for a physical examination with a qualified healthcare professional. Advice received during your telemedicine consultation does not replace any information already provided by another healthcare professional. By using Online Consultation, you agree to these Terms of Service.